Leagues, Events, and Private Schools Use Scouting Services

Just a few who Select and Recruit Scouted Players

Not Just the NFL and NCAA use Scouts

Youth Football Players get Scouted to Play for Select, All-Star, All-American, & Private School Teams

Become A Certified Youth Football Scout. Provide your service to youth football events across the United States, your State, and local area. National All-Star, and All-American teams are always looking for Top Players. As a Certified National Youth Football Scout you are the missing link to added verification of a players validity to participate on a National All-Star/All-American Team, or to be recruited to a Private High School. Whether your hired to scout out a player, or you have produced a portfolio of players that you have scouted and believe should be playing at the next level, an honored game, or a private high school, your Certified Credentials will add validity to your scouting report. Take the next step, get certified today.
Not Just the NFL and NCAA use Scouts

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Get Certified, start the course today. You can become the "Scout" in your area, City or State. You may already have the skills and knowledge to "Scout" players and ace the certification test. The course itself is easy to understand, and will provide the knowlege need to perform scouting duties and prepare scouting reports. Earn your National Youth Football Scout certificate today.

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